Ed (Jill Young's husband, a bit of Wayne (Karen Buncon's husband), Jill and George PatteIHS burning 1912Dorothy, Jean, Evelyn, Myrtle, Karen, Diane, and PamGroup shot of IHS Class of 1963"Choir" singing Saturday night, Susan Sears, Ginger, Sherman, and Marianna
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Below is the list of IHSAA members.  You can search by class, by name, by state, or distance from your zip code.  Click on a column heading (such as Name, Class, or State) to sort by that column.  Be sure to try our Alumni Map page!

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First Name Last NameDescend Birth Name Class City & State  
juwan abida juwan 2003 Ithaca, NY, AL [view profile]
Gregory Billing   2003 Ithaca, NY [view profile]
Henry Decker   2003 NY [view profile]
Benjamin Dennhardt   2003 Munich, na [view profile]
Megan Dobbin   2003 Ithaca, NY [view profile]
Regina Fabbroni   2003 Baltimore, MD [view profile]
Rafael Frongillo   2003 Berkeley, CA [view profile]
lorenzo lee   2003 altamonte springs, FL [view profile]
kevin McClain   2003 altamonte springs, FL [view profile]
Sarah Ridenour   2003 Ithaca, NY [view profile]
Elizabeth Scofield Baschnagel 2003 eAST FALMOUTH, MA [view profile]
Laura Vogels   2003 bellevue, WA [view profile]
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