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Members List

Below is the list of IHSAA members.  You can search by class, by name, by state, or distance from your zip code.  Click on a column heading (such as Name, Class, or State) to sort by that column.  Be sure to try our Alumni Map page!

Class Year: 
By Name
By State
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First Name Last NameDescend Birth Name Class City & State  
Tanya Bitterman Ellerbrock 2001 New York, NY [view profile]
Ryan Colbert   2001 NEW YORK, NY [view profile]
Tessia Dentes Dentes 2001 Ithaca, NY [view profile]
Lesley Duarte Quick 2001 KS [view profile]
Nalini Gupta Gupta 2001 Santa Barbara, CA [view profile]
Sonya Harper Nyby Harper 2001 Toronto, ON, na [view profile]
Kristin Ink Rycroft 2001 Ithaca, NY [view profile]
Anne Koplinka-Loehr Koplinka-Loehr 2001 Brattleboro, VT [view profile]
phil libraro   2001 ithaca, NY [view profile]
Michelle Locker   2001 Rochester, NY [view profile]
Kathryn Louer Ciaschi 2001 Charlotte, NC [view profile]
Larissa Maestro Larissa Maestro-Scherer 2001 Nashville, TN [view profile]
Tristan Meador   2001   [view profile]
Rachel Melnick Rachel Stipanuk 2001 Chicago, IL [view profile]
Rachael Merola   2001 Ithaca, NY [view profile]
Marshall Morris   2001 Tustin, CA [view profile]
Alicia Pagan Pagan 2001 Atlanta, GA [view profile]
Nicole Pellegrino   2001 Philadelphia, PA [view profile]
Joshua Pozner   2001 Las Vegas, NV [view profile]
Anna Schleelein Anna Schleelein 2001 Allston, MA [view profile]

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