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Below is the list of IHSAA members.  You can search by class, by name, by state, or distance from your zip code.  Click on a column heading (such as Name, Class, or State) to sort by that column.  Be sure to try our Alumni Map page!

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First Name Last NameDescend Birth Name Class City & State  
Gaston Acebey   1998 Sucre, Bolivia, na [view profile]
Holly Alexander Boutin 1998 Florence, MA [view profile]
Heather Allen Neno 1998 Ithaca, NY [view profile]
Heather Amici-VanDeMark Amici 1998 Ithaca, NY [view profile]
Clifford Arthur   1998 Ithaca, NY [view profile]
Larissa Back   1998 Cambridge, MA [view profile]
Kelly Bargher Bargher 1998 NY [view profile]
David Bartholomew   1998 Newtonville, MA [view profile]
Stephanie Beer   1998 Washington, DC [view profile]
Dale Beermann   1998 Madison, WI [view profile]
Timothy Berggren   1998 Centreville, VA [view profile]
Lindsay Best Mazer 1998 Goldsboro, NC [view profile]
Daniel Birnbaum Birnbaum 1998 Boston, MA [view profile]
Michael Bishop   1998 Chicago, IL [view profile]
Aaron Blumkin   1998 Rochester, NY [view profile]
frank bot   1998   [view profile]
Gillian Boudreau   1998 Brooklyn, NY [view profile]
Amanda Brady   1998 New York, NY [view profile]
Tiffany Brown   1998 Trumansburg, NY [view profile]
Zach Bruno   1998 Brooklyn, NY [view profile]

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