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Below is the list of IHSAA members.  You can search by class, by name, by state, or distance from your zip code.  Click on a column heading (such as Name, Class, or State) to sort by that column.  Be sure to try our Alumni Map page!

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First Name Last NameDescend Birth Name Class City & State  
Elizabeth Aldridge Elizabeth Aldridge 1982 Ithaca, NY [view profile]
Sherry Auble Sharron Auble 1982 Ithaca, NY [view profile]
Thomas Bartell Bartell 1982 West Simsbury, CT [view profile]
Susan Benedict Benedict 1982 Cortland, NY [view profile]
christopher brown   1982 Huntsville, AL [view profile]
Tracy Cacciotti Odell 1982 Amherst, NY [view profile]
C. Conrad Cady   1982 Castro Valley, CA [view profile]
Liddy Coyle Allee 1982 Sayre, PA [view profile]
jeff dresser   1982 ithaca, NY [view profile]
Vanessa Gunter Halstead 1982 Poughkeepsie, NY [view profile]
Robert Hinman Hinman 1982 Spencer, MA [view profile]
Mona Ann Juiffre Parker 1982 Flowery Branch, GA [view profile]
Elias Keshishoglou Keshishoglou 1982 Morgan Hill, CA [view profile]
Elizabeth Kiker Elizabeth Kiker 1982 Herndon, VA [view profile]
Jennifer Kouba Marion 1982 Dunnellon, FL [view profile]
Cynthia Luburgh Cynthia Luburgh 1982 OH [view profile]
Renee Lynn Alpert 1982 Winchester, VA [view profile]
Kamlesh Patel   1982   [view profile]
Susie Pedersen Perry 1982 Ithaca, NY [view profile]

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