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Contact List

Choose one of the following links to send a message.  You can also contact the IHSAA by postal mail at the following address:

c/o ICSD Administration Bldg.
400 Lake St.
Ithaca, NY 14850

Name Role E-Mail  
Matthew Clark Webmaster [send message]
Rita MacDonald Site Editor [send message]
Sandy True Site Editor [send message]

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Class Editors  
Rita MacDonald '58 [send message]
Stephen Schmal '58 [send message]
Patricia Dougherty '59 [send message]
Phyllis Sommerman '60 [send message]
Sherman Mackereth '63 [send message]
Linda Heyman '64 [send message]
mary stein '69 [send message]
Alexandra True '74 [send message]
Sheila Robideau '74 [send message]
Kim Boothroyd '77 [send message]
Allison Hogue '78 [send message]
Willie Evans '79 [send message]
Robert Bernard '84 [send message]
Jeff Gorsky '87 [send message]
Maureen Fabi '87 [send message]
Mike Tomei '95 [send message]
Bryn Lovejoy-Grinnell '98 [send message]
Margret Wilhelm '4 [send message]

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