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Class of 1963 Events

 Dear Classmates,

We had a great 70th Birthday Celebration with about 50 of our class mates and their guests. A big THANK YOU DOROTHY for putting it all together for us. 

Check out "your" 1963 50th reunion photo gallery - pictures will continually be added.

REUNION PICTURES - Jean Fuchs Rainer has created an album of pictures from your 50th reunion - go to this link:

According to popular demand, we are looking forward to maybe yearly picnic here locally and the every five years, we will have a class picnic as the one event just to keep in touch.  So think about that in the coming years.  Like I said, this was the BIG ONE, but little ones can be fun too.


I guess that is all for now..Please send any pictures you took at the reunion to Sandy True,, who is the high school alumni liaison:  and Thanks Sandy for all your work with the website, a donation is forthcoming. 

Dorothy Feldman Sholeen

Uploaded document: Class notes


 50th Ithaca High School Reunion Final Notice (the following is left on this page so you may see how the reunion was set up and payed for)

Dear Classmates,

           Well, here we go.. a couple of weeks away, July 26-28. I wanted to give you a
more specific schedule and location for the events:

Friday-July 26 !*6:00-9:00 p.m.-Treman Park New Pavilion(the first parking lot) 
Free park Admittance after 6 to out-of-state people, free anytime to NYS res.

*9:00-? - After BBQ Gathering at Chanticleer Downtown

Saturday-July 27!*10:00 a.m. - Tour of Ithaca High School 
meet outside of the main office

*11:30a.m.- Retro lunch at Ithaca High Cafeteria 
we will sit with our elementary school classes
After Lunch Choir rehearsal (

*noon to 5:00 Golf for those who wish at CC.
You have to let Paul know ahead (

*6:00-7:00 Cash Bar at Country Club of Ithaca 
located by Community Corners on Pleasant Grove Rd.

*7:00-10:00- Dinner at Country Club and main program

Sunday-July 28! *9:30 Interfaith Service at Ithaca High Activities Bldg. 

*10:30-Brunch at Activities Bldg and Farewell.
Let the fun begin and if you still want to join us..
you have until July 13.

See you there,
Dorothy and The Committee

Would you believe we are planning to provide this whole weekend, yes, All 4 Group Events, for $50/ person, so your donations are appreciated. It is our goal to have as many people in the class attend and make it a memorable time for everyone. This is the last BIG ONE.

Any questions or comments contact:
Sherman: 941-201-4393 /
Dorothy: 607-387-6537 / 


Hi Everyone:
I hope all of you are doing “great”. I feel great until I look at myself
in a mirror.

A special thanks to the individuals who have contributed to the
Terry Gibbs, Lois Eaton, Joe Capagrosi, Margie Peech, Karen Buncom
Harriet McGurk, Charlotte Tracy, Mel Richards, James Schmidt
Marshall Streib, Patsy Johnson, Nancy Stone, Stan Avery, Scott Poucher
Bill Saunders, Ruth Durfee, Ron Odom, Pam Holland, Matt Herson
John Scholzhauer, Susan Griffin, Virginia Cranch, Adam Perl, Nancy Stone
Beth Harper, Dick Carter, Bob Lawrence, Evelyn Stewart, Sherm Mackereth
Dan Seeley, Bill Downing, Dorothy Feldman, Tom Kent, Jill Vormwald,
Louise Kolar, Susan Sears, Marilyn Tom, Chuck Aramini, Helen VanAuken,
Joanna Sheppard


The Information Sheet that was put together by Sherman Mackereth may be sent to all 63 class mates with e-mail. If you need a copy just e-mail

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