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Class of 1958 Website

The Ithaca High School class of 1958 has a separate website for classmates, reunion information, and news.


The class of 1958 would like to get in contact with four members of the class who are "missing".  They are

Duane Cole

Arlene Johnson

Denise Lecoq, and

Remi Moore (she was Josephine Thomas when we were in high school). 

If you can provide any information that would assist us in getting in touch with them, it will be very much appreciated.   You can send it to Steve Schmal, 7317 Summit Ave., Chevy Chase, MD 20815;  e-mail it to me at; or provide it by phone to me at (301) 652-8620.


We are also trying to get in contact with a larger number of people who, to the best of our knowledge, were in the class of 1958 at some point during our high school years but did not graduate with us.  Again, any information that would assist us in getting in touch with them would be appreciated.  They are:

Jack Allen

James Banfield

Ellen Baudis

James Burlingame

William Cage

Myra Coffin

Torrance Countryman (who now goes by the name of Terry Keegan)

Shirley Eaton

Albert Ellis

Charles Fish

Wayne Fox

James Hall

Tommy Hall

Donald Handson

Daniel Harrison

Michael Jewett

Russell Jewett

Phillip Johnson

Shirley Larson

Charlotte Lattin

Linda Lawson

Doris Miller

Franklin Miller

Patricia Miller

Peter Moore

Betty Morris

Edward Page

Marion (Marnie) Pineo  -  She may be deceased but I don’t have confirmation of that.

Jim Root

Jean Smith

John Smith

Sue Thompson

Joseph Winebold

John Winters 

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